Use of BEING in a sentence

BEING in English

Is being a helping verb or a main verb? In this post, we will learn different uses of being in the English language. In English, the verb being is used as both a helping and an action verb in different situation. Let’s understand how and when to use being in English. Use of BEING in …

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How to use SHOULD in English?

should profile

Should is a modal auxiliary verb. We often use should in the following situations in English: To offer advice To make recommendations To talk about moral duty, correctness, and obligation To talk about expectations Examples: You should start doing meditation. It will help you to control your emotions. (advice) You should try the red sauce …

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Different usages of COULD in English

use of could

In this post, we understand the use of could in Engish. Could is a modal auxiliary verb that is used to express the possibility, ability and requests, and permissions. It is also used in conditional sentences to express the possibility or the ability. Examples: We could win this match. (possibility)(It is possible for us to …

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Active voice to passive voice in Past Indefinite tense

Past Indefinite tense active to passive voice

This post helps you understand how to change the active voice to passive voice in Past Indefinite tense. Present Indefinite tense definition: we use the Past Indefinite tense to refer to actions that happened in the past at a specific time in the past. Examples: The boss insulted me in that meeting. The students played …

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Custom Writing Services: 7 Benefits for College Students

Custom Writing help

Who doesn’t want to get the highest grades for college essays or research papers? Who doesn’t want to make academic overload easier? Today, college and university students regularly face the need to accomplish many different projects that are an integral part of the educational process. Eventually, every assignment will have a significant impact on your …

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Subject complement vs Object complement

Subject complement vs object complement

Some students get confused between the subject and the object complement, thinking there are the same thing. A complement in English is a word or words that complete the meaning of a word. There are two types of complements in English: Subject complement Object complement In this post, we learn the difference between the subject …

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It is me vs It is I

It is me or It is I

One of my students recently asked me the difference between “It is me or It is I” and which one is correct to use in a sentence. It is me who writes all the articles on the website. It is I who writes all the articles on the website. This is a common confusion English …

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Main verb in English: types, examples, and list

main verbs in English

This post will help you master what a main verb is in English, different types of main verbs, and how to use them in a sentence. What is a main verb in English? Main verb definition: the main verb is the most important verb in a sentence. It usually refers to an action or a …

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Different usages of MAY in English


The modal verb may is one of the most used modal auxiliary verbs in English. Let’s study all the situations where the modal verb may is used and should be used. Examples; Riya may be upset with you. Go check on her. (Possibility in the present) You may have hurt her feelings by calling her …

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Different usages of CAN in English


‘Can’ is a modal auxiliary modal verb in English. It is one of the most, if not the most, used modal verb in English. Let’s study all the different situations where we use the modal verb ‘can’. Examples: I can teach Chinese. (Ability) You can use a calculator during the exam. (Giving permission) You can’t …

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Helping verbs: types, list, and examples

Helping verbs

In this post, we learn what helping verbs are, the different types of helping verbs, and their usages in a sentence. There is a video lesson on helping verbs attached at the end of the post; you can scroll down to it directly if you want to. What are helping verbs? Helping verb definition: Helping …

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