Adverb clause and types: examples and rules

adverb clause

In this post, you will learn everything about an adverb phrase in detail. There is a video lesson attached at the end of the post; you can directly scroll down to it and watch it. What is an adverb clause in English? Adverb clause definition: An adverb clause, also known as an adverbial clause, is …

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Reduced adjective clauses (rules and examples)

Reduced adjective clause

This post will help you understand what a reduced adjective clause is, and how to reduce an adjective clause to an adjective phrase or an adjective. Before we understand how to reduce adjective clauses and why to do it, let’s get familiar with adjective clauses first. What is an adjective clause? An adjective clause is …

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Noun clauses: types, functions and important rules

noun clause profile

In this post, we learn noun clauses in detail. There’s a video lecture on noun phrases at the end of the post; you can directly scroll down to it if you prefer videos to articles. We know what a noun is. A name of something or somebody: person, thing, place, feeling, idea, concept, activity. We …

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Clauses: Types of clauses in English

Types of clauses

Your writings can’t make sense without clauses in English. Why am I saying that? Going forward in the post, you will understand why clauses are important for your writing to make sense. What is a clause in English? Clause definition: a clause in English is a group of words that has a subject-verb combination. It …

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