Subordinating conjunctions In English


In this post, we learn subordinating conjunctions in English, different types of subordinating conjunctions, and how to use them in sentences. What are subordinating conjunctions in English? Subordinating conjunction definition: Subordinating conjunctions join an independent clause to a dependent clause, also known as a subordinate clause. A subordinating conjunction comes in the beginning of a …

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Correlative conjunctions in detail


This lesson will help you understand correlative conjunctions in detail. There is a detailed video lesson on ‘correlative conjunctions’ attached at the end of the post; you can directly jump on it if you prefer videos to articles. What are correlative conjunctions in English? Correlative conjunction definition: Correlative conjunctions work in pairs to add two …

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Coordinating conjunctions masterclass

Coordinating conjunction

In this post, we learn what coordinating conjunctions are, different types of coordinating conjunctions, how to use and when and when not to use commas before them. Coordinating conjunction definition A coordinating conjunctions is a type of a conjunction that joins two words, two phrases, or two independent clauses (generally clauses) of equal importance. Coordinating …

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