Direct and Indirect speech with examples and explanations

Direct and indirect speech

Welcome back, smart brains! This article will help you understand how direct speech and indirect speech (narration) work in the English language. What is a direct speech? What is an indirect speech? Why and how do we use direct and indirect speech? How to change direct speech to indirect speech? Going forward, we will know …

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Interrogative sentences in reported speech: rules and examples

Direct to Indirect speech interrogative sentence

Hey learners! In this post, we will master how to change direct speech to indirect speech when the reported speech in the direct speech is an interrogative sentence. Before we do that, we must know what direct and indirect speech is. What is a direct speech? Direct speech definition: It is a way to narrate …

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Change Assertive sentences into Exclamatory sentences

transformation of assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences

Before we master how to change or transform assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences, we must know what assertive and exclamatory sentences are. What is an assertive sentence? Assertive sentence definition: an assertive/declarative sentence is used to declare something. The information you give can be facts or simply opinions. It ends with a period, also known …

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