Determiners masterclass

This post helps you understand what a determiner is, different types of determiners, and how to use them correctly in a sentence. What is a determiner? A determiner is a word that sits right before a noun in a noun phrase. A determiner gives information about a noun, generally about its possession or quantity. Note …

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Premodifiers in English


This post helps us understand what premodifiers are, different types of premodifiers, and how to use them correctly in a sentence. What are Premodifiers? Premodifiers are words that come before a noun head of a noun phrase. A modifier is a word or words that give information about another word in the sentence. Adjectives and …

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In this post, we learn what postmodifiers are and how to use them in a sentence correctly. What are postmodifiers in English? Postmodifiers are words that come after a noun and give information about it. They are a part of a noun phrase. The following 6 things function as postmodifiers in a noun phrase: Prepositional …

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Premodifiers and Postmodifiers masterclass

Premodifiers and postmodifiers

This lesson helps you understand what premodifiers and postmodifiers are, and how to use them correctly in a sentence. What is a modifier? A modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that gives information about something in a sentence. It generally is an adjective or an adverb. An adjective modifies a noun, and an adverb …

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Present participle adjective masterclass

present participle adjective

This lesson helps us understand what a present participle adjective is and how to use it correctly in a sentence. What is a Present participle adjective? A present participle adjective is an ING form of a verb (V1+ING) that functions as an adjective. The word ‘growing’ is modifying the noun ‘company’. It is a present …

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Dangling Modifier examples. How to fix them?

Dangling modifier

What is a dangling modifier? Dangling modifier definition: a dangling modifier is a modifier (a word or a phrase) that doesn’t modify anything in a sentence; it misses the word or words it intends to modify or can possibly modify. A dangling modifier just dangles or hangs in a sentence without modifying its subject. It …

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