Perfect participle phrase in detail

Perfect participle phrase

In this post, we learn what a perfect participle phrase is and how to use it in a sentence correctly. What is a Perfect Participle phrase? A perfect participle phrase refers to an action that occurred before the action in the main clause. It identifies the subject of the main clause and acts as the …

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Past participle phrase in detail

past participle phrase

This post will help you understand what a past participle phrase is, and. how to use it in a sentence correctly. What is a past participle phrase? A past participle phrase starts with a past participle and modifies a noun or a pronoun. It can give essential or nonessential information about the noun it modifies. …

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Present participle phrases in detail

present participle phrase

In this post, we learn what a present participle phrase is, and how to use it in a sentence correctly.  What is a Present participle phrase? A phrase that starts with a present participle and modifies a noun in a sentence is called a present participle phrase. It starts with a present participle (an ING …

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Absolute phrases: examples, rules and practice set

Absolute phrase

Wondering what absolute phrases are? Well, we will know everything about them in some minutes. But before we master what absolute phrases are in English, we must know what a phrase is in English. A phrase is a group of words that does not have a subject-verb combination. There are different types of phrases in …

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Adverbs phrases in English

adverb phrases

Welcome to another lesson, smart brains! This lesson will help you master everything about adverb phrases in English, also known as adverbial phrases. What are adverb phrases? What are adverbial phrases? How are they any different from adverbs in English? How to find an adverb phrase? We will be answering these and some more questions …

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Participle phrases in English/ Participial phrase

participle phrases

Welcome to another class, my smart brains! Today, we will master participle phrases in English. Participle phrases confuse many students, and I don’t like that. So, we will master every aspect of participle phrases. Participle phrases are meant to decorate our sentences with information. But before we directly jump into them, we must know what …

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Adjective phrases in English: examples, types, and rules

adjective phrases

If you know what an adjective is in English, it shouldn’t be difficult to master adjective phrases. Reason? You are using them all the time. All the time. What is an adjective? How is it any different from adjective phrases in English? An adjective is just a word that modifies a noun or a pronoun. …

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Prepositional phrases in English/ Prepositional phrase examples

Prepositional phrase

So, you are in a quest of mastering prepositional phrases in English. Well, you should be. It’s one of the few phrases in English that can play multiple roles in a sentence. Assuming you guys already know what prepositions are, let me help you master prepositional phrases in English. I don’t call you smart brains …

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What are appositive phrases? Types of appositive phrases

Appositive phrases in English

Appositive phrases are nothing but naming words. Yes, appositives and appositive phrases are as easy as this statement sounds. They are used to rename nouns or pronouns. Are we not constantly renaming things and people in our life? We are doing it all the time. My name is Ashish, but some people call me Ashu; …

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Infinitive phrases in English

Infinitive phrases in English

Welcome to another class my smart brains! We will master infinitive phrases today in-depth. Everything that looks like a verb does not work as a verb necessarily. A gerund looks like a verb (V1+ing) but does not work as a verb; it works as a noun. Participles, both present participles, and past participles can work …

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