Use of the exclamation mark in English

exclamation mark

The exclamation mark, also known as an exclamation point, is a punctuation mark that comes at the end of a sentence. It is used when the writer is raising their voice with any of the following emotions: anger, excitement, ecstasy, joy, surprise, etc. Exclamation marks are less common comparing to periods, commas, or even semicolons. …

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Use of dashes in English: En Dash and Em dash

Em dash and en dash

A dash in English is a horizontal line, bigger than a hyphen, that comes in the middle of a sentence and indicates a pause or a break, or shows a range between two things. There is a video lesson (on dashes) attached at the end of the post; you can directly scroll down to it …

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How to use the apostrophe in English?


The apostrophe is the most misused punctuation mark in English. Even native English speakers sometimes make the mistake of using the apostrophe incorrectly. Let’s understand when to use the apostrophe in English and what the common mistakes most people make with apostrophes are. A) We use an apostrophe in contractions. We can use the apostrophe …

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Round brackets (Parenthesis) and Square brackets in English


In this post, we learn how to use round brackets, also known as Parenthesis, and square brackets in sentences. What are brackets in English? Brackets in English are punctuation marks that are used to give extra information about something in a sentence. The information that comes within the brackets can be taken out of the …

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Use of a colon in English

use of a colon in English

A colon in English is quite straightforward to use, but it confuses most people. Colons introduce related or essential information in a sentence, but they are often confused with semicolons. Since a colon is an important tool to use, we must add it to our arsenal. In this post, we learn when to use a …

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When not to use a comma?

When not to use a comma

A comma is one of the most, if not the most, used prepositions in the English language. Knowing when not to use a comma is as important as knowing when to use it. Let’s look at and understand all the 8 common comma mistakes that most people make. 1. Don’t use a comma to add …

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When and when not to use a comma!

18 usages of commas in English

A comma is the second most used punctuation mark in English. It has several usages. In this post, we learn all the usages of a comma in English. Let’s look at and master all the different usages of a comma in English first. 18 different usages of commas 1. Use a comma to add non-essential information …

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